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Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Holiday revision and preparation for Year Two

During the holidays, I would like you to reinforce the following skills with your child.


English Skills 

  • Reads appropriate texts aloud using reading strategies.
  • Uses comprehension strategies to answer literal and inferred questions.
  • Spell 150 high frequency words.
  • Reads 200 high frequency words
  • Use nouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives correctly in sentences. 
  • Use basic conjunctions, contractions and similes in their writing. 
  • Write recounts, procedures, narratives and persuasives, with neat writing and approximately one page in length. 
  • Create texts with supporting images using word processing programs.
  • Apply basic proof reading and editing skills.

Mathematics Skills 

  • Orally count starting from 0 by 2s to 100. 
  • Read and understand basic facts to 20 (addition and subtraction).
  • Represent and solve simple addition and subtraction problems to 30 using concrete materials, illustrations, counting on and counting back, partitioning and rearranging parts.
  • Count collections to 100 or more by partitioning numbers using place value.
  • Automatically recall basic facts to 20.
  • Recognise, describe and order Australian coins and notes according to value.
  • Tell the time (hour and half hour).
  • Recognise and classify 3D shapes using basic attributes and features.
  • Choose simple questions and gather responses to collect data.
  • Draw simple data displays.

End of Year!

Dear Families of Room 21 
It has been an amazing year together and I cannot believe it has already come to an end. Every morning, I have looked forward to seeing the class come in and tell me their stories. Their bright smiles always made me feel happy and excited for the day ahead.
This year I have seen each child grow and develop an enthusiasm and love for learning. They have learnt to learn from their mistakes, try their best and always give 110%.
I am extremely proud of everyone and congratulate them on their amazing achievements in Year One. I wish them the very best in Year Two and look forward to hearing about their holidays next year.
I would also like to say a very big Thank you very much for your support throughout the year. We could not have had such a successful year without all of your support both, in the classroom and at home. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know your families.
I hope you all have a relaxing, safe and very well deserved Christmas break.
Thank you,
Miss Ailsa Lamb

Dancing and Swimming Lessons

Every Thursday, Room 21 has been enjoying participating in dancing lessons. We are having so much fun learning a variety of new dances.  Everyone is joining in and having a go! There are so many talented dancers in Room 21! We are very excited to show everyone what we have learnt at our Dance Party in week 10!


During Weeks 5 and 6, Room 21 also participated in swimming lessons at Belmont Oasis. We were all very excited to be going on a bus to the pool each day. Everyone loved being able to swim each day, especially with the hot weather. We all learnt so much over the two weeks and are very excited to have achieved so much. Thank you to everyone who helped to make sure we were ready every day!

Sunday, 2 December 2018


Dear Parents

We are nearing the end of a fantastic year and so to celebrate we have planned a special day for the children.

On the 12th December (Wednesday), the children will be having a Christmas lunch.

What to bring: Your child needs to bring a plate of food or drink to share at our lunch. Please see the list on the window and write your name next to the food or drink that your child will bring to the lunch.

Morning Tea: Please bring morning tea (as usual).

If you have any questions, please come and see us.


Thank you J
Katherine Ryan and Ailsa Lamb

Monday, 29 October 2018

STEM project

In week 5 and 6 we will also be starting to create our Geography Dioramas. If you have any shoe boxes or cardboard boxes at home, please bring them in.

We appreciate your assistance.

Swimming Lessons

Room 21 will be attending swimming lessons during Week 5 and 6. We will be swimming in the morning. Please make sure all students have their bathers under their school uniforms when they arrive. They will need a change of clothes to change into when we arrive back to school.
Please ensure all uniforms, towels, goggles and footwear are clearly labelled.

If you have any questions, please come and see me.

Thank you

Week 3 Assembly

Last week was our first Junior Assembly for Term 4. Room 21 had a fantastic assembly as we received a class award for Art.

The Art certificate was for the students magnificent peacocks. They listens listened carefully and blended their oil pastels beautifully.

Congratulations Room 21 on your hard work.

Holiday revision and preparation for Year Two

During the holidays, I would like you to reinforce the following skills with your child.   English Skills  Reads appropriate te...